How Much Does a 3kW Solar System Cost in Pakistan

The Price of 3kW Solar System in Pakistan (2024 Guide)

Pakistan is a country with a thriving middle class. Our homes are usually smaller, and most often, our monthly electricity consumption is to the tune of 300 units a month. In this context, the 3kW solar system has emerged as an ideal solution to meet the energy needs of the country’s burgeoning middle-class population.

With the capacity to generate a decent amount of electricity, a 3kW solar system is well-suited for powering essential household appliances, lighting, and other electrical devices commonly found in Pakistani homes. But let me state it at the beginning: a 3kW solar system will not power air conditioners.

But how much does a 3kW solar system cost in Pakistan? And what are some of the factors that affect the price of 3kW solar systems?

That’s what I will talk about today.

In this article, I will discuss:

  • The average price of 3kW solar systems in Pakistan
  • Price of 3kW on-grid solar system
  • Price of 3kW hybrid solar system
  • Price of 3kW off-grid solar system
  • Factors that affect the price of 3kW solar system in Pakistan

Average Cost Range for a 3 kW Solar System in Pakistan

As of January 2024, the average price range for a 3 kW solar system in Pakistan was approximately PKR 600,000. Depending on the quality of components, warranties, and installation services, some systems might cost more. Conversely, you may also design a system for less than Rs. 550,000. Much depends upon your goals and needs.

In the later mid of 2023, the prices of solar panels considerably fell. When the year 2023 started, a 3kW on-grid system would cost around Rs. 800,000, but that is not the case anymore. So, it’s a good time to make the investment in solar. As the summer comes, the prices of solar panels may rise again.

One thing more: The costs mentioned above includes the prices of panels, inverter prices, cost of standard mounting structures, hardware, transportation, net metering, civil blocks, installation, etc.

Price of 3kW On-Grid Solar System

The prices discussed above (from Rs. 550,000 to 600,000) are for on-grid 3kW system. Installing an on-grid system is one of the most affordable ways to go solar and reduce your electricity costs. With an on-grid system, you can connect your system to the grid and utilize the benefits offered by the net metering policy in Pakistan.

For areas that do not experience frequent load shedding, on-grid systems are the way to go.

Price of 3kW Hybrid Solar System

Installing a 3kW hybrid solar system would comparatively cost you more than on-grid systems. It is because these systems feature a battery bank, the size of which depends upon your needs. If you want to install batteries only to power necessary appliances, batteries may cost you only Rs. 80,000 – 100,000 extra. That would make the overall cost between 650,000 to 730,000. However, if the number of batteries is more and of high quality, the cost might touch Rs. 850,000.

Price of 3kW Off-Grid System

Installing off-grid solar systems is the most expensive of all types of solar systems. And rightly so—you will have to manage all your energy needs from a single solar system. During the day, these needs will be met by your solar panels. But at night, your battery bank would come to your rescue.

Since batteries are expensive, designing a complete 3kW off-grid would cost you around 1 million—it could be a bit less or more, depending upon the battery quality and brand.

Note that the prices of solar power systems frequently change due to market dynamics, technological advancements, or changes in government policies. For more up-to-date pricing information, contact us to get an updated quote.

Factors That Affect the Price of 3kW Solar Systems

Solar Panel Quality and Efficiency

The quality and efficiency of the solar panels play an essential role in the cost of a 3 kW system. While higher-quality panels with increased efficiencies may cost more, they may generate more electricity over their lifespan, providing long-term returns on investment. We recommend installing high-quality, A-grade solar panels (Longi, Jinko, JA, Inverex, Canadian, etc.) and other components to get optimal performance from the investment.

A 3kW solar system would consist of 6 panels of around 500-550W. The cost may be around Rs. 200,000 (as of January 2024, when the prices are lowest).

Inverter and Other Components

Additionally, one must consider the cost of inverters and other system components when deciding on energy conversion and system performance. An inverter converts direct current (DC) from solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) electricity consumers use. A variety of inverters are available in the market—some might cost less initially, but given their quality, you may have to replace them after some time.

An inverter may cost you between Rs. 100,000 to as high as Rs. 300,000.

When choosing a 3kW solar inverter, do not settle for substandard inverters that cost around 80,000. They have issues in their performance. I

Similarly, the quality of mounting structures, wiring, and other additional components also affects the cost. For instance, standard mounting would cost you roughly Rs. 20,000. But if you want to install your solar array on a customized structure, the cost of that alone could be Rs. 80,000 for 6 panels. Could be more or less, depending upon the cost of steel.

Installation Charges

Labor and equipment charges also play a role in the total cost of installing a 3 kW solar system, and their complexity, type of roof material used, and location all play into its cost breakdown. When analyzing the quote a solar installer gives you, make sure to confirm if it includes the installation charges.

Infographic - Factors that Affect the Cost of solar Systems

Types of 3KW Systems

Lastly, the type of solar system. There are three types of solar systems—on-grid solar systems, off-grid solar systems, and hybrid solar systems. On-grid systems are the most affordable, consisting of only solar panels and an inverter. Off-grid consists of batteries, so they will be more expensive. Similarly, hybrid solar systems also contain a few batteries and thus are costlier than on-grid systems.

Confused? Read our guide on comparing different types of solar installation types.

Battery Storage Solutions and Backup Power Options

3 kW solar systems are generally designed for hybrid operation. The benefit of hybrid systems is that 3kW solar systems are not always connected to the grid due to its smaller size. And it’s not necessary to include batteries as well. But to provide you energy during load shedding, you can consider adding battery storage. Battery storage stores excess energy generated during the day to be used when sunlight isn’t present—doing this may increase the overall costs of the system, though.

So before making such a decision, it is essential that homeowners carefully assess their backup power needs and financial feasibility when considering adding battery storage into 3kW solar systems. If you are not sure, worry not. Contact us, and we will help you design a system that works perfectly for you.

A solar system for everyone.

We’re customer-centric; we will find you a solution within your budget. Whatever your project size, you can always save with Ecospark Solar.

Payback Period of 3kW Solar System in Pakistan

You can calculate the payback period of a 3kW solar system in Pakistan by considering the initial investment cost and the annual savings generated through reduced electricity bills. For example, if the price of your system is PKR 600,000, and you have an estimated annual savings of PKR 100,000, then the payback period would be six years.

This means that after 6 years of operation, the cumulative savings from reduced electricity bills would equal your initial investment. Beyond the payback period, the annual savings continue to accrue, providing homeowners with long-term economic advantages while contributing to a greener and more sustainable Pakistan. Since solar panels last up to 25 years, you can enjoy free electricity for the rest of 19 years.

Maintenance Costs of 3kW Solar System

The maintenance costs of a 3kW solar system in Pakistan are generally minimal, making it an attractive and cost-effective investment for homeowners. Solar panels are designed to be durable and require minimal upkeep over their lifetime.

Regular maintenance typically involves simple tasks such as cleaning the panels to remove dust and debris, ensuring proper wiring connections, and inspecting for any signs of damage or wear. These routine maintenance activities can be easily performed by homeowners or contracted to professional solar service providers at a reasonable cost. If we put it in figures, it must not exceed Rs. 10,000 a year.

Additionally, the inverters, which are a vital component of the system, may require occasional servicing or replacement over the system’s lifespan. Recently, the types of inverters available in the market are generally robust. But it would still need replacement after around 10 years. That would also be included in the maintenance costs.

3kW Solar Panel System in Pakistan: Final Thoughts

The cost of a 3 kW solar system in Pakistan varies depending on factors such as panel quality, efficiency, and installation charges. While the average price range for a 3 kW solar system in Pakistan is approximately PKR 700,000, ensure you install your system through the right solar installer.

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